Year: 2017

Lonewolf (Power / Heavy Metal , France) Interview

Interview with  Michael Hellström & Jens Börner    First of all I’d like you to fill us in on what’s happening in the Lonewolf at the moment? Michael Hellström: We are actually on the road to promote our last release “The Heathen Dawn”, we are really happy with the feedbacks of this new album and it’s definitively a pleasure to play the new songs on stage.  Can you briefly introduce your band […]

Sacro Sanctus (Heavy / Doom Metal , Malta) Interview

Interview with Albert Bell Hello. Mr Albert , How are you? How are things in the band’s camp at the moment ?  Things are fine thanks! Busy as always really. I have just finished covering a Death SS track – “The Shrine in the Gloom” from the “Do What Thou Wilt” album, which shall appear on a Death SS tribute issued by Italy’s legendary Black Widow Records towards the end […]

Review War Device : Infinite Chaos [Album]

Review War Device was formed in Serres back in 2012 by Manos Moutaftsis, Sotiris Simeonidis And Makis Arampatzis.War Device consist of Mario Dogwar (Vocals), Sotiris Simeonidis (Guitars), Manos Triantafillou (Guitars), Giannis Maleas (Bass) and Manos Moutaftsis (Drums). The band counts one EP “The Anger” (self-released), one split cd with Speed Command (released by American Line Productions) and one full length album “Whisper Of Souls” (released by Rock Of Angels Records). […]

Review Attomic Soldier : In Mental Prison [Album] 2017

Review Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Attomic Soldier formed in 2009 under the name Soldado Nuclear before changing name in 2014 with the release of their “Rotting Bullet” demo. Attomic Soldier takes the old-school thrash sound and exploits it for their debut album “In Mental Prison”, influences from bands ranging from Slayer, Overkill, and some Crossover Thrash are strewn throughout the entire album in furious riffs and blistering solos. Diego […]

Paradox (Thrash / Speed Metal , Germany) Interview

Interview with Charly Steinhauer Hello Mr. Charly Steinhauer. Put 2 copies of your curriculum vitae on the table. Introduce yourself and Paradox , tell us about your previous musical experiences ? Hey I`m Charly Steinhauer, songwriter, vocalist & guitarist and producer of the german speed/thrash metal band Paradox  , My passion for music grew up in 1970 at the age of 7. Our school library had a record player and a […]

Review Armed Chaos : The Opposition’s Crushed [Album]

Review  Armed Chaos (formerly Resurrection) was founded in 2007  by guitarist Stephen Brock and shortly thereafter found bassist Albert Melear. In 2008 James Moses joined on the drums and remained until 2010, then leaving because of musical differences. Shortly afterward Eric Vogt ascended to the drum throne. Then at the very end of 2010 Johnathon Jackson joined to further complete the sound on lead/rhythm guitar. After Albert Melear departed in […]

Review Sellsword : And Now We Ride [Album]

Review Founded in the summer of 2013, this band of Bardbarians set out to conquer the world with their own take on Heavy/Power metal they like to call Mercenary Metal. Having played gigs around the world, from Bridlington all the way to Manchester They come with the great New Album  And Now We Ride It was a release that was introducing to us a new band moving in the fields of Mercenary Metal a band […]

Therion : Tour 2018

When  Christofer Johnsson founded Therion as a Death Metal band in 1987, little did he know that exactly 30 years later he would put the final touches to a project that will go down in history as symphonic metal’s most influential release. While ‘metal operas’ are no longer an unusual creation, this term will forever receive a new meaning on January 26th, 2018, when the curtain opens for Johnsson’s lifelong […]

Evil Force (Speed / Thrash Metal , Paraguay) Interview

Interview with Fernando Caceras  Hello ! Even though Evil Force already released Banging on the Pentagram Album in 2016 , your band seems to be brutal in the deep underground… So it’s time to insert your name in the brains of our readers, with the help of The Speed Metal power ! In other words, introduce your music and you band in brutal way.You released 2 full lengh albums. Which […]