Review Stygian Fair : Into the Coven [EP] 2017




Another great Epic Heavy Metal  band is Stygian Fair this one from Sweden. Have you heard the old school Epic Heavy Metal Of course you have and therefore you’ve heard everything Stygian Fair serve up on their EP ”Into the Coven” . Echo-soaked vocals from the NWOBHM, guitar riffs cranked up to Thrash Speed , bashing drums and lyrics about Metal stuff . The songwriting is rudimentary, Pounding, hard-hitting Heavy Metal is what you’ll find here, with galloping riffs, powerful gritty vocals and some guitar work in the best Epic of Heavy Metal with a drummer beating the crap out of the skins. The prouduction is  really good and the band  did a good job of bringing in the crowd noises without overdoing it. This is just fun to listen to and I’ve found myself leaving it on repeat several times in a row in the few weeks since I got it. 

Band : Stygian Fair
Release : Into The Coven
Year: 2017
Location : Italy
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Pontus Åkerlund : Vocals
Emil Holmqvist : Guitars
Anders Hedman : Bass
Per-Olov Jonsson : Drums
1. By the Gallows
2. Vessel
3. Stygian Fair
4. Endgame
5. Waltz of the Sea Monk
6. Disarra

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