Kill Ritual (Thrash Metal , U.S.A) Interview



Interview with Steven Rice 

Welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine Tunisia. How are you doing ? Great. You guys ?

Tunisia…that’s cool, not many times I talk to people in that part of the world. We’ll accept for my wife who was born in Kenya. Not same neck of the woods as you guys, but Africa none the less.

Are you ready to answer all our questions ?

Sure let’s do this …

Tell us how where your beginnings started in the extreme music’s world. What brought your attention to dedicate yourself to it ?

Well for me it was just a childhood love of Rock and Metal. Eventually getting involved with bands and taking it to the next level professionally. From there it’s put your head down and try the best you can at your craft and write and record shit the best you can and just get it done.

Did you study music in an academic or professional way, or are you self-taught ?

A little of both. Some early lessons as kid, but mainly self taught thru listening and books, videos .

Your latest album ” Karma Machine ” sounds brutal. Tell us more about the album ?

Well the album was originally completed with the last vocalist and once he left we wiped the vocals and start fresh with current vocalist Dave. Pain in the ass, but if I was going to have to start fresh with a new guy might as well do the rewrite and live with it.

The album comes one years after the release of ” The Eyes of Medusa ” . What was the writing process for album ?

Always starts the same way on my end. I’ll compile songs, riffs, ideas and start arranging and demoing in guitar and click level and send it off to drummer with some basic instructions. Once that’s done we get basic tracks recorded and it’s off to the singer for some additional writing tracking and then we lay it down for real and we’re ready to go. Since we live all over the US it’s pretty much an exchange file process back and forth.

Did you try anything different this time around ? The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Scarlet Records ?

Actually the CD was recorded at my home studio Fossil Sound and was mixed by Andy LaRocque from King Diamond at his studio in Sweden. I always try to bring in some new elements with a little tune up in style technique etc. 

How was the recording process ?

Pretty simple as usual. I have my methods and what works for me so we got it done at our pace and guidance so it was well conceived and thought out for the most part.

What is your take on the prevalent misogyny that’s part of the artworks and even lyrics and song titles sometimes in the style you are in ?

Yeah well it’s metal and has to appeal to what’s expected a bit, but it doesn’t have to be stupid unless that’s what the intention is. I mean there’s a lot of stuff in metal I find ridiculous, but fans like it and that’s all that matters.

Modern day Thrash Heavy seems to be used as an excuse for Heavy Metal bands to play Traditional Death Metal riffs at hyper fast speeds, but Kill Ritual has always held the Thrash side of the moniker in high regard. What is the secret to blending so may influences into a coherent product, while still retaining quality songwriting ?

To me Metal is just an extension of everything that came before it. So knowing the roots be it the blues, rock even jazz is a good thing. And melody should be paramount! Too many metal bands lack that and only go heavy which gets redundant after awhile.

What were some of your biggest inspirations and motivators when writing the material for Kill Ritual’s albums ?

Life and just keeping myself happy and entertained. It’s like a puzzle or maze. Its keeps you twisting and turning and looking for the solution.

California has an active Metal scene. What are bands that you recommend our readers to check out? 

Kill Ritual ! 

Hahahah no doubt , Do you have any more shows/tour planned this year ? Do you have anything to tell the fans about upcoming performance, Thanks .

Well we will have a new CD out shortly in 2018. ” All Men Shall Fall ” is the title and we’ll have the usual lyric video, real video etc. to go along with it and we’ll be doing a US tour in the US in Spring with a pretty huge band so a lot going our way next year. Thank you and rock on !

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama 

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