Review Crimson Thunder : Thunder Wrath [EP] 2017



The Itaian Heavy Metal band  Crimson Thunder, formed in 2012 , give us their EP ”Thunder Wrath” released by Volcano Records & Promotion. It is a sample of how to do and play good Heavy Metal sounding modern, classic, technical and speed at same time, they are a Thunder .

The EP begins with an great that is like a song, a sample of what you can expect on this EP : deep sounds, very melodic also, screams, is like a warm up lap. After that starts  with a hard and fast riff and blast beat, some parts of Power Metal sound . The band mix very well Heavy parts with Progressive Power Metal, ok, both styles are brothers, but they do it prefectly. they give off energy and fury like most louder bands. They have the enough brutality and technic to please every Old School metalheads. In all the songs they do it. In more moments, well, Crimson Thunder, are more brutal. We have to say that Italy  has given us a lot of great bands like these and more.. This band also can remind bands like Virgin Steele and some labyrinth and similar they both have similar parts. 
This band has, as I have said before, parts everything, of old school but modernized, louder but with control, good clean screams,  enough technical but not a rain of notes, to sum up, get this band right now.


Band : Crimson Thunder 
Release : Thunder Wrath
Year: 2017
Location : Italy
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Volcano Records & Promotion
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Alessio Ricci : Vocals, Guitars
Daniele Giomi : Guitars
Alessandro Giannella : Guitars
Giusepe Orlando : Bass
Gabriele Orsi : Drums
1. Rain Of Tears
2. Footprints In The Void
3. Light the Dragonfires
4. Luna Nera (Strana Officina Cover)

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