Review Flames Of Wrath : Bloodthirsty Preacher [EP] 2017


2017 is the year that in a town of Southern Tunisia called Sfax , Flames Of Wrath was born. During this year of their existence they released an EP called “Bloodthirsty Preacher” which I am about to present to you here.

The debut EP of the  band shows clearly their influences and also the abilities of the band. On the second aspect of their abilities, I have noticed that their first work shows a very mature character and an experience that can only be found in bands with many years of existence. As for their influences, Flames Of Wrath are proud of them and show them in every composition, but also honor them by filtering them through their own musical identity.

Their sound can be easily tagged as Thrash Metal, with many Crossover elements but this doesn’t show in detail the full aspect of it. The basis of their music is of course Thrash Metal as it was played in the U.S.A , Brazil and Greece . According to me they bring to mind such bands as Acid Rign , Uncle Slam and some of  Napalm , but that is not all. Flames Of Wrath also love melodies and they know how to use them in order to make a song memorable. Actually they have a strong Solos and catchy Riffs feeling in some songs that reminds us of Mezzrow. Finally the compositions have a slight progressive orientation that makes the whole result even more interesting.

Lyrically now the band deals with themes like  vanity, politics , tyranny and all these elements that define humanity. I also found really interesting and original the use of Tunisian lyrics . 

As I said above this is a release that should definitely be expected by a more experienced band and this is impressive. but the bad thing about the songs is being too short but at least the band show  the passion of  making its first steps and above all includes compositions that will make you listen to them again and again. I think that Flames Of Wrath introduce themselves in the global Thrash Metal scene in the best possible way. Now it’s up to you to check them out.


Band : Flames Of Wrath
Release : Bloodthirsty Preacher
Year: 2017
Location : Tunisia
Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover 
Format : No Format
Label : Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar : Younes Azouzi
Lead Guitar : Amine Frikha
Bass Guitar : Wacim ‘Flamme’ Khayachi
Drums : Yassin Louati
01 – Bloodthirsty Preacher
02 – Collapsing Reign
03 – Pharaoh’s Decree

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