Review Hürlement : La Mort Sera Belle [Album] 2017

France’s Hürlement have been around since 2003 and now, thanks toEmanes Metal Records , have released their third album . Hürlement have a huge old-school bent in terms of sound and songwriting . So musically the band has quite some riffs in the vain of Iron Maiden . Sometimes these influences are more subtle but there are also some examples where the similarities are almost cringeworthy. 
The biggest musical influence however is Manowar , Iron Maiden and much old Speed Metal riffs , the vocal arrangements, drumming arrangements and all riffwork .
Which is a pity because the production, performance and the songwriting are excellent! So I’m a bit torn up here on the one hand it’s a brilliant Heavy Metal album, but one the other hand it lacks absolutely any character of it’s own. The album gets an average of 3 stars because I would say 5 stars for quality but 2 for its originality.
Band : Hürlement 
Release : La Mort Sera Belle
Year: 2017
Location : France 
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format : CD 
Label : Emanes Metal Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Alexis the Warnabot : Vocals
François Porte : Guitars
Didier le Gorg : Bass
Pierre Porte : Drums
1. Grenadiers
2. Pavillon Noir
3. Tribute to My Enemy
4. Conquérant 5. Guerrier
6. Brothers in Arms : Die Together
7. Brothers in Arms : See You in Hell
8. Brothers in Arms : Demon Warriors

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