Review Insult Kill : Vultures & Hyenas [Album] 2017



People, who search the Thrash Japanese Metal scene and the underground, already know there is also a very interesting and promising scene. One of the most worthy to be mentioned representatives of this Tharsh Metal scene is surely the band Insult Kill who with this release reach their debut full length album.

Insult Kill is a band that has the talent and the ability to create nice agressive Metal tunes, but we all know in this era we live that this is not enough in order to be noticed. You have to fight and take any chance you get and this is what Insult Kill did and they have managed to break the boundaries of their country and become known abroad. In their new release Insult Kill do what they know best and surely love. 

They deliver Very Heavy Thrash Metal songs that are influenced by the 80’s Metal scene mainly, but also have some U.S. metal touches. To be more specific the sound of the band is a combination of Speed Metal . and Exodus influences and when they add some speed to the songs then they remind me of bands like Forbidden or Mezzrow. 

“Vultures & Hyenas” is an album with catchy melodies built upon a strong and steady rhythm section played with passion. I think these are all the necessary elements that can give us a great Thrash Metal album we can enjoy. The fans of the band will be satisfied and I think that this release can bring them some new ones too.




Band : Insult Kill
Release : Vultures & Hyenas
Year  : : 2017
Location : Japon
Genre : Thrash Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : ltimate/ Castle Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Stefanskyi Kyrylo  :  Guitars, vocals
Kimura Manabu : Bass, Backing vocals
Sato Tomokazu : Drums, Backing vocals
01. Intro
02. Personal Meaningless
03. Mangled By Rats
04. Vultures & Hyenas
05. Dementia
06. Exception In Synchronism
07. Critical Fluffed Elevation
08. On The Wings Of Sin
09. Comforts
10. Great Depression
11. Only Lies
12. Outro
13. Lechery

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