Review Nightstryke : Power Shall Prevail [Album] 2017



The debut Nightstryke’s album which is titled “Power Shall Prevail ” comes one year later from “Neon Killer” single  and basically the band moves on the same musical path of the Finish Heavy Metal sound. This means that you will listen to songs that are based on riffs and melodies played by musicians that know their instruments well and function very well as a team and of course a singer that gives to the song a dramatic touch. I think that their debut album is a bit more progressive and less straight forward in comparison with their previous work which means that it needs more than a couple of listenings to fully comprehend it. It is though an album that will pay you back especially if you like bands like Helstar and Jag Panze. Nightstryke is a band that has a lot of experience and puts in good use. Their compositions have the maturity of an experienced band and yet are fresh and full of nice ideas. I think that the fans of Heavy Metal will find this album highly entertaining.


Band : Nightstryke
Release : Power Shall Prevail 
Year : 2017
Location : Finland
Genre : Heavy Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Steel Thunder Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Rami Hermunen : Vocals, Guitar
Juho Karppinen : Guitar, Drums programming
Leevi Lehtinen : Bass
1. Powerture
2. Power Shall Prevail
3. Hawk of the Night
4. Steel Thunder
5. The Story of the Forty Seven Ronin
6. Witches Night
7. Neon Killer
8. Take You Away
9. Mist in the Valley

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