Review Sanhedrin : A Funeral For The World [Album] 2017




Sanhedrin  play old school Heavy Metal with some hints of modern Speed Metal thrown in here and there. The band  have a huge old-school bent in terms of sound and songwriting and names like Axe Witch and Tokyo Blade and much from Iron Maiden early days were the first to come to mind but there’s more here than meets the ear. The guitars are loaded with reverb and the frequent mid-paced tempos give a definite Speed feel. Vocalist has a distinctive warble that makes him sound like she’s about to lose the note she’s singing any minute but it never happens. At all She sounds is good . Lyrically, we’re more in the NWOBHM sphere . “A Funeral For The World” is a good record that wich Fans with a more cosmopolitan taste will have an even greater chance of finding something they like. Either way, it doesn’t neatly fit into any category and that alone makes it worth checking out.


Band : Sanhedrin
Release : A Funeral For The World 
Year : 2017
Location : U.S.A
Genre : Heavy Metal
Format : CD , Vinyl , Digital
Label : Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Erica Stoltz : Vocals, Bass
Jeremy Sosville : Guitars
Nathan Honor : Drums
1. Riding on the Dawn
2. A Funeral for the World
3. Demoness
4. Collateral Damage
5. Faith Healers
6. No Religion
7. Massive Deceiver 8. Die Trying

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