Dark Easter Metal 2018

After its debut in 2012 (400 visitors, six bands) and another edition in 2013 (900 visitors, seven bands), each in the Backstage Werk, the Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2014 grew around a second stage in the Backstage Halle (900 visitors, eleven bands). The fourth edition of 2015 took place for the first time on three stages (Backstage Werk, Backstage Halle and Backstage Club) and was first sold out(1400 visitors, 15 bands). The fifth edition 2016 was almost sold out with the same stage concept (1400 visitors, 17 bands). In the meantime not only the bands from many different countries arrived, but also the audience became increasingly international. The sixth edition 2017 took place for the first time on two days. On the first day (600 visitors, 8 bands) the two smaller stages were recorded, on the second day (1400 visitors, 17 bands) all three stages. Both days were already sold out in advance. For the seventh edition on March 31 and April 01, 2018, three stages will be played on two days for the first time. Thanks to a varied and high caliber of 34 international, national and local bands, Easter 2018 will not only be for fans and friends of Black / Dark / Death and Doom Metal, Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018 will take place at Backstage in München, Germany on 31 March 2018 01 April 2018. BloodbathBelphegor and Katatonia are among the bands that will perform at Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018 festival.

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