Review Ceaseless Torment : Forces Of Evil [Album] 2017



” Forces Of Evil ” is the second album from Finish Thrashers ,Ceaseless Torment. This record instantly tops the band’s previous material with a richer, more complex production. Despite 2014’s ” The End They Bring” being a massive wave of refreshment in the extreme underground,”  Ceaseless Torment ” flows in similar focus, but perhaps slightly more brutal than ever before.  Opener ” Post Homicidal Depression ”  sets the album’s tone with their capable technical riffs and Speed Tharsh Metal vocals in the veins of their peers, however the album is built around an almost catchy design, despite the huge complexity , the songs follows the guitar Thrashy as he literally gobbles the entire recorder into his throat to produce a bullfrog-like noise, adding to the record’s list of brutally awesome. 

” Forces Of Evil ”  is an impressive third release, and was definitely worth the three year wait, despite some fans begging out of impatience. Whilst the hunger has now been satisfied, there’s still plenty to digest from this record that you probably missed on first listens, and the riff complexity is mainly to thank. Usingthe pure Thrash Metal elements to create one extreme release is what  Ceaseless Torment have mastered. Your ears will devour the complicated riffs that are full of structure, the h wildest vocal range in the world of Tharsh Metal, hints of slamming brutality, and some of the best production you’ll hear this year. This is an album that will introduce you into a more true Metal realm, and has become a true highlight of the year so far. 


Band : Ceaseless Torment
Release : Forces Of Evil 
Year: 2017
Location : Finland
Genre:Thrash Metal
Format :  Digital
Label :Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Sebastian Fredriksson : Guitar & Vocals
Kim Lappalainen : Guitar
Mikko Karppelin : Bass
Tommi Makkonen : Drums
1. Post Homicidal Depression
2. Fields Covered In Blood
3. Scars Of Desolation
4. Last Step Over The Line
5. Forces Of Evil
6. Let The Torture Begin
7. Forsaken As Well 8. Tormentor

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