Review Claymorean : Sounds from a Dying World [Album] 2017


Hailing from Serbia , Claymorean  are an Epic Power Metal band coming with their new album ”Sounds from a Dying World” full of amazing Epic and Power Metal elements .
Their sound is very clear, a modern and high end production,  with still great riffs in the guitar and bass to have an aggressive edge. The singer screams are also nice and raspy. 
The songs are themselves reminiscent of the old school Epic Metal , The songs are catchy, very well composed and played. Sure these guys haven’t reinvented the well, but this is a good album, which grows onto you with time, All in all it’s one of the more interesting albums’s I’ve heard recently. Not mind blowing but they band have got a little something different going on which hopefully they will build upon as they progress. Keep an eye on this lot !

Band : Claymorean 
Release : Sounds from a Dying World
Year: 2017
Location : Serbia
Genre: Epic Power Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Stormspell Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Dejana Garčević : Vocals
Vladimir Garčević : Guitars , Programming
Uroš Kovačević : Guitars
Goran Garčević : Bass
1. The Road to Damnation
2. Old Mountain
3. Cimmeria
4. Blood-Red Shield
5. Rage of the White Wolf
6. The Final Journey
7. Blackest Void
8. Astral Rider (Cloven Hood cover)

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