Review Hell Fire : Free Again [Album] 2017




Ok, where do I even fucking begin , The awesome old school Heavy Metal and white cover ,The guys playin here or the music itself , Ok let’s start over and the info will be given to you on need to know basis. Supposing that you do not know what to expect out of it, once you push the play button, a fat and grungy bass guitar sound will grab you by the nuts and ” Free Again ” will finish you off.  Basic Speed Metal riffing played with passion tied cohesively with the bass bulldozer by a ferocious skin beater. Blast beats, Thrash tempos and typical . All of them used wisely create a loud chaos unmatched. Nothing is random here and nothing happened by accident. These fine gentlemen are all hardboiled veterans of the scene, each one having tons of medals in his agenda. Hell Fire is one of those bands that you know are killer right from the first listen , Great harmonies and potent choruses remind us of the great Heavy Metal bands of the heydays and the sheer energy that emanates from the tunes are more than enough to put it in a respectable position in the genre this year.


Band : Hell Fire 
Release : Free Again 
Year: 2017
Location : U.S.A
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format : CD , Vinyl , Digital
Label :Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Jake Nunn : Vocals, Guitars
Tony Campos : Guitars
Herman Bandala : Bass
Mike Smith : Drums
1. Free Again
2. City Ablaze
3. Live Forever
4. Wheels of Fate
5. Beyond Nightmares
6. The Dealer
7. Destroyers
8. End of Days

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