Review Sanctifyre : Immortal Champions [EP] 2017



Sanctifyre is a Heavy Metal band that has been one of my favorites out of the newer Heavy Metal bands. It’s old Heavy done by old Heavy bastards. This is not your retro-pizza party band. They released an demo ” Wasteland Warriors ” a couple years back which was more in the Speed Metal , So this record to me mixes the best of both Heavy and Speed Metal worlds. Every song on this EP is about four  minutes long. So this EP fly’s by really quick. I guess the cover gives a hint on how it feels listening to this release . It left me wanting to listen to the EP again and I’ll end up having to check out their earlier music. Like I said before this EP does have some old school Heavy Metal influences . You will hear the Manowar type guitar melodies and you will also hear some Iron Maiden as well. Basically this EP is very catchy and memorable Heavy Piece of art . I must say that’s very impressive and I actually thought it was a full band playing on EP. I think Sanctifyre did a very good job and I can’t wait to hear more from them . 



Band : Sanctifyre
Release : Immortal Champions 
Year: 2017
Location : U.S.A
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format : Digital
Label :Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Wyatt Lightning : Vocals
Nikki Krimson : Guitars
Noah Hadnutt : Guitars
Matthew Edwards : Bass
Eric Norris : Drums
1. Immortal Champions
2. Skull Shattering Steel
3. Hero of Time
4. Warrior Spirit
5. The Colossus Falls
6. The Lone Wandere

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