War Device (Thrash Metal , Greece) Interview

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Interview with Manoas Moutaftsis

Hello ! How are you ? How are things over there ?

Hello there ! Thanks for the interview request. Things are better than ever !

Let us get to the point of this interview. How and when did you decide to form War Device What do you want to achieve with this band ?

War Device was formed in January 2012 by me, Sotiris Simeonidis (Guitars) and Makis Arampatzis (Ex-Vocals). We decided to form a thrash metal band to play the music we like to listen as metal fans but after that we realised soon that through the band we can express ourselves so we started to compose our first songs. In 2013 we released our first EP titled “The Anger” which was re-released as a split cd with Speed Command from Argentina by American Line Productions and at the end of 2013 we released our first full length album “Whisper Of Souls” by Rock Of Angels Records. After many changes we ended up to the current line up which consists of Manos Moutaftsis (Drums), Manos Triantafillou (Guitars), Sotiris Simeonidis (Guitars), Giannis Maleas (Bass Guitar) and Mario Dogwar (Vocals). With that line up we recorded our second full length “Infinite Chaos” and signed a new record deal with Soman Records for the album release in April 2017. Our main goal from the start was to give 100% of our capabilities in every album, give our best to promote it, always aim for something better and make sure that every metalhead who listened to our music will be satisfied from the final result .

Can you tell me more about the new Album ?

Infinite Chaos was recorded under my supervision in WarLab studios and was mixed/mastered by Jim Voutsas at FourWalls Studio in England. The artwork was created by DeadAlex. The album contains 10 new killer thrash metal tracks in the spirit of old Sepultura, Slayer and Kreator but with our own touch and we believe that this result forms our trademark sound and gives us a personal identity.

How would you describe your band sound and which elements in your music do you thing make you stand out ?

As I said before we are inspired by oldschool Thrash Metal but we have also elements from classic heavy metal. I think the most important thing that makes our band stand out is the fact that we try to keep the oldschool Thrash Metal way as our base but also aimed to push things further in that, contrary to the modern approach that we see on many bands today.

Who writes the lyrics in the band ? Can you tell us which the lyrical theme of each song that you have included in your new album is ?

All lyrics of “Infinite Chaos” album were written by Sotiris Simeonidis except “Seek No Justice” and “Within The Violence” tracks which were written by Manos Triantafillou. The majority of the lyrics speak mostly about inner worries, excessive violence, the trap of endless delusion and social problems which bring us to a state of Infinite Chaos.

How do you feel about your album ? Is there anything that you would like to change or do differently?

We are very glad and proud about our new album. I think that it is too early to speak about changes. No we are happy with the final result.

You have already read our review regarding your new Infinite Chaos  album. Can you tell us where you agree with it ?

Every review is welcome. I think is the only way to learn how people react to our music and every review good or bad makes us better and let us see our work more objectively. We can’t disagree with anyone. Everyone has his own opinion and we read all the reviews very carefully. As i said before we give our best for now and we are happy about the results.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you the best of luck. Please close the interview in any way you like…

Thank you very much for this interview. All the best for you and your Website readers. Hope everyone enjoys our new album and see you all on tour in a few months. Cheers !

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama

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