Review Asphyxion – Onwards To Extinction [EP] 2017



Thrash Metal is a genre which I have really been following all my years. However, one band I’ve seen being mentioned in underground circles is Asphyxion. Before this I never really checked them out. However, seeing they are going to be playing  and have this new record out I jumped at the chance to review it.  The riffs are piercing and the vocals are maniacal. ‘Infected Death’ keeps up the assault with great riffing. I don’t see how this wouldn’t get you headbanging and thrashing around. The EP is totally kick ass. Just a lot power behind the music in general . ‘Mayhemic Creation’ is an instrumental which I wasn’t expecting. But it totally works. It doesn’t leave you bored for a second. I really liked the voice in the background. Which I’m assuming are talking about Thrash Metal assault . The last song ‘Warmaster’ ends the record on a strong point. The instruments sound great it has that perfect thrash sound. It’s fast and intense but it’s still heavy! So I must say I’m surprised on how good this Release is. I also am impressed on how it managed to keep my attention. Don’t miss these guys !



Band : Asphyxion
Release : Onwards To Extinction
Year: 2017
Location : Spain
Genre: Thrash Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label :Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Marc Butcher : Guitar / Vocals
Oskar Schizo : Guitar
Victor Blutwurst : Bass
Marc Boleas : Dums
1. Mayhemic Creation
2. Victims of Genocide
3. Infected Death
4. OxTxSx
5. Warmaster

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