Review Bewitchment -Towards Desolation [Album] 2017




There is a reality ,  I will never listen to all the bands I wanted. Because there is so many and every day they arise and disappear in all parts of the world. Bewitchment is one of them, formed in Rio Grande da Serra, São Paulo in 2017. Rodrigo music is direct, Thrash Death Metal with a lot of power. In this Album it is clear that this guy do not go around with guitars sharp as axes, powerful voice that perhaps reminds me a little Sherpa from Kreator . His influences range from old school Thrash Maniacs and certain touches of old Teutonic Thrash Metal. If there is something that I love about this band are their lyrics, and they killer riffs , His lyrics talk about Thrash Metal assault . If you are looking for something that will blow your head, this is your thing.Towards Desolation Album !!

Band : Bewitchment
Release : Towards Desolation
Year: 2017
Location : Brazil
Genre: Death / Thrash Metal
Format : CD
Label : Cianeto Discos
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Rodrigo Costa : All Instruments 
1. Where Suffering Has No End 
2. Morella 
3. Haunted Reality 
4. O Machado é a Cura 
5. Inquisition Messiah 
6. Poisoned Inheritance 
7. Towards Desolation 
8. Broken Witchcraft (Bywar cover) 
9. Death By Bewitchment (Exorcist cover) 

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