Review Ascendant : A Thousand Echoes [Album] 2017

Ascendant’s debut album ” A Thousand Echoes ” is awesome. Ascendant as usual has very great Heavy sounds but there are other Power Metal influences that come in. Also, the Speed Metal attitude runs clean through this record. Which is something I really like . The songs are just greats ,  really catchy riffing and a hooky chorus. With a ton of attitude and aggression a total fist and headbanging songsfor sure.  One of the many things Ascendant does well is he knows how to write aggressive songs with a hook. Also, the bass tone sounds great on this record. All the instruments are heard loud and clear. As with Power Royalty they nailed it with the production. It’s raw but yet clear at the same time which is another plus for me.


Band : Ascendant 
Release : A Thousand Echoes 
Year: 2017
Location : United Arab Emirates
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Fighter Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Youmni Abou Al Zahab : Vocals
Alaa Abou Saada : Guitars
Ashish Shetty : Guitar
Puneet (Vipere Nebuchadnezzar) :  Bass
Aram Kalousdian : Drums
1. Twilight of Eden (Intro)
2. Doomsday Machine
3. Walls Between Us
4. Fog of War
5. Morning Light
6. Land of a Thousand Echoes
7. False Illusion
8. Tears of His Majesty
9. At the End of the World 

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