Review Heritage : Ominous Ritus [Album] 2017



The Brazilian Metal scene was known in the past years mostly due to its extreme Metal scene… Something very logical based on the quality of the bands in this genre. These latest years though our scene shows a pluralism in many different genres of the heavy metal music and with noticeable quality. Heritage had impressed me with their debut album ” Ominous Ritus ”  . now they are here  to expand more the borders of their music. Their album is dominated by a concept idea which has to do with memories and how they are affected through time. It is an idea that fits perfectly to the music of Heritage which moves in the paths of Thrash Metal. The basic elements that characterize the sound of Heritage are the melancholic atmosphere, the melodies and of course the mid tempo compositions. Of course the duality of  Thrash Metal and Speed Metal . All in all, the band musically continues on the same path with their debut album and I like the fact that their music has this old school Thrash Metal sounds that is hard to find in our days and they do it in such a fresh way. It is a work that shows the progress of the band as their compositions are more mature and also this is an album that can be enjoyed even by people who are not into this kind of genre. I think they deserve your attention.


Band: Heritage 
Release : Ominous Ritus
Year: 2017
Location: Brazil
Genre: Thrash Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Ricky : Guitar and Vocals 
Rhodz : Guitars
Drugz : Bass
Hugor : Drums
01. Obey or Die
02. The Watcher
03. Eradication Immaculate Existence
04. Lepers in Hysteria
05. Bewitchment
06. Raise Hell
07. Dr. Chaos
08. Midnight Kill
09. Ominous Ritual
10. Razors Punishment
11. Assassin Legacy 

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