Review Battle Raider : Battle Raider [Album] 2017



Mexican Heavy / Speed Metal Maniacs Battle Raider released their second studio album “cBattle Raider ” on August 21st, 2017 distributed by Fighter Records . “ Battle Raider ” is an awesome mix of all that characterizes the band, 8 new tracks of 80’s fueled Heavy / Speed Metal music, executed with the band trademark : Speed , aggressive and organic style of Metal. ” Battle Raider ” has a new intensity and it takes a step forward, compared to their older release ” Hard Flyer ” .

To be able to get into the band , you better put your headphones on and let the tunes lead your senses ! This is absolutely the most Speed , nasty, agressive and maniacal album I’ve heard for a long long time ! the album  surely is the best album up to now from Battle Raider , holding true to their legacy, but even more ! The album creates a whole new level of the Speed Metal ! Each drum beat, rich of violent rhythms, badass guitar and bass riffs and demonical vocals enter into your mind and soul, leaving there a permanent imprint ! It’s a one-way ticket, but trust me, you don’t really mind not returning…


Band: Battle Raider 
Release : Battle Raider
Year: 2017
Location: Mexico
Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Fighter Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Ryder Nightblair : Guitars
Edd Thunder : Bass
Billy Brayden : Drums
1. Flying Fingers
2. Battle Raider
3. Hard Flyer
4. Atlanteans of Gold
5. Early Fantasy
6. Tartan Piper Alpha
7. Commander
8. A Sioux Prayer

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