Review Don’t Drop The Sword : Into The Fire [EP] 2017

If you ask me for a metaphoric description of the contents of “ Into The Fire [EP]  , I’d describe it as a multi flavour ice cream !!!! With flavours such as Hammerfall , Manowar ,  Wizard ,  all that with strong trims of clear fantastic guitar work (oh man !! The guitar sound is so Epic  and Speedy) endless beating and never ending double bass drum work , the drum sound is so cult, dirty and clean together , brings a bit more power, turning up the guitars and letting them be the focal point, speaking volumes with barely a word , if a picture is worth a thousand words, a chord must be worth twice that. Don’t Drop The Sword is an entertaining band, and I’ve been intrigued enough by this release to look forward to seeing what this crew of Speed Epic  does next. Good music work and a Powerfull lyric concept for the fans of it !!!! Straight music for straight Epic Speed Metal ears .

Band: Don’t Drop The Sword
Release : Into The Fire
Year: 2017
Location: Germany
Genre: Epic Speed Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Anti :Vocals
  • Maxi : Guitars
  • Alvin : Guitars
  • Mathias : Bass
  • Dom : Drums


  •  Death or Glory
  •  Into the Fire
  • The Rise of Neith
  • Memories
  • Don’t Drop the Sword

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