Review Incursed : The Slavic Covenant [EP] 2017



I saw a lot of potential in this EP  , and realizes a lot of it. Incursed are a Spanish band all about Ensiferum, and Wintersun. They play big, epic riffs and have a solid guitar sound, and they sing all about Odinism and Nordic pride. The good thing about them is they  use raspy vocals, but rather a layered clean-sung choral sound like a mead-hall full of Vikings. This both makes them sound unique, . All together it makes for an enjoyable, unusual sound that really conjures a heathen atmosphere. Worth checking out.

Band: Incursed
Release : The Slavic Covenant 
Year: 2017
Location: Spain
Genre: Viking / Pagan / Folk Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Unsigned
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up

Jon Koldo Tera “Jonkol” : Vocals and keyboards
Asier Fernandez : Guitar
Asier Amo “Amo” : Drums
Lander Lourido : Vocals and guitar
Mikel Llona :  Bass


1. The Slavic Covenant
2. Akelarre
3. Wild !
4. Fear A’ Bhata
5. Take on Me 

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