Review Sworn to the Black : Delusions of Existence [Album] 2016



Sworn To The Black are a Death / Thrash Metal band from Modesto located in California’s central valley U.S.A. Their CD “Delusions Of Existence” is a powerful debut effort that has received much critical acclaim and has also won them a M.A.M.A.(Modesto Area Music Awards) for best Metal act and coupled with their brutal live performances they have gained a sizeable rabid and very loyal fan base which insures there’s always a good pit at their shows. The CD immediately starts out with their relentless Metal attack upside your head and makes you know what Metal is whether you want to know or not. With each song they display a very fast and meticulously precise style with massive groove in all the right spots. By the time the CD comes to an end you’ll want to immediately here it again, I know I always do. This is definitely a band I highly recommend you check out and if possible go see them live at all costs.


Band: Sworn To The Black
Release: Delusions Of Existence
Year: 2016
Location: U.S.A.
Genre: Death / Thrash Metal
Format: CD , Digital
Label: Unsigned
Reviewer: Sean “Stoney” Samples

Line Up

  • Andres Pelon Landeros : Drums
    Rich Saturnino : Bass
    Kirk Salazar : Vocals
    Jared Davis : Guitar
    Daniel SeVen Saucedo : Guitar


  • Time (The Equilizer Of Mankind)
    Makeshift Martyr 
    Nothing But A Dream
    The Consequences Of Your Betrayal
    Inche The Riot
    Blacken My Thoughts
    In A State Of Disarray
    Embraced The Deceiver
    Signed : Anonymous

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