Review Monolith Cult : Gospel of Despair [Album] 2017


Monolith Cult comins  from the U.K were formed in 2012 , Monolith Cult’s latest album “Gospel of Despair” was recorded at SkyHammer studios and produced and engineered by Chris Fielding of Conan and is a massive progression in song writing and production from the first album. Monolith Cult took influence from Mastadon, Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Black Sabbath (Dio era) to create a more epic metal sound and step away from the usual Doom, Stoner, Sludge sound that has been prevalent of late in the UK. As riff loaded as this album is the variation within the songs is excellent with ambitious song writing , Everything is here, loud brutal riffs back by a thundering drum performance . The band aren’t really treading any new ground they are sticking to what they are good at and have delivered a strong Doom Metal album that sits with Saint Vetus, and much Black Sabbath , Tha album is well done with good marriage between the old school Doom sounds and the modern elements .

Band : Monolith Cult
Release : Gospel Of Despai
Year: 2017
Location : U.K
Genre: Doom Metal
Format : CD
Label : Transcending Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Lee Baines : Guitar
    Wayne Hustler : Guitar
    Ian “Izak” Buxton : Bass
    Damo ‘Prodigal Son’ Clarke : Drums
    Bry Outlaw : Vocals


  • Disconnection Syndrome 
  • The Gospel of Despair
  • Kings of All That’s Lost
  • Chothia in Memorium
  • Sympathy for the Living
  • Complicit in Your Own Abuse
  • Death Means Nothing 


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