Total Inferno (Speed / Death Metal , Sweden) Interview

Interview with Jonny Nielson
Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine Tunisia ! Let’s go: What should a reader who isn’t familiar with the band know before we begin ? What would your biography look like if it was summed up to the most essential zests of citron ?
Hello, thanx. It’s raw, strait forward Metal with no bullshit about right or wrong. Basically PURE EVIL METAL FROM HELL. If you’re into metal you’re into TOTAL INFERNO.
Your music sounds complex , and every riffs flows quite well after another, so I guess it took quite some time to build everything ! Tell us more about it! And is there more than a decomposer in Total Inferno, or is it a Evil massive sexual orgy ?
Thank you. It’s not that complex when it comes naturally. We are probably not so different to how other bands work with their songs. Someone has a riff or an idea for a song that we then work on together in the rehearsalroom but in our case Dan is guilty of very much of the magic of our songs.
This is the usual question, but it always works quite well , How would you describe and call your music ? What are your main influences? Do you think mixing Thrash Metal with a Black Death approach and many evil samples everywhere would be nice ? It could create something new, more “spaceship” alike… But wouldn’t be easy to reproduce in live conditions…?
That’s probably the thing with TOTAL INFERNO, when we do music, we do what’s coming to us without thinking it’s going to be innovative or oldschool etc .. When someone asks us what we’re playing for kind of music, we just say PURE EVIL METAL FROM HELL. Of course, you can mix different styles of Metal, we do it all the time, but it should come naturally so that you don’t mix different styles just to be “innovative”. That’s our opinion, anyway.

In 2015 you have released your RETURN OF EVIL CHAOS as a MCD.. What were the feedbacks ? The reactions of compulsive beer vomitors ? Were you reviewed ? How many times do you rehears in a week ? Is it easy to find a decent rehearsal room and motivated musicians in Sweden ?

The feedback and reactions to R.O.E.C were very good both from zines and the audience, which also triggered us to deliver more Stone Cold Metal to the people. We try to rehears or just hang out at least once a week. We rehears in a rehearsal room that has been around since the 70s in our city, so many good bands has been rehearsing there over the years so we haven’t  had any problem to having a place  rehears

Do you often play gigs in Swede,, and how does it occur ? Is it in small bars, or is there some bigger “official” concert places for metal bands ? Is the crowd numerous during your live appearances, and are the babes sexy ? Are you able to warm them enough with your brutal Music so that some sexy gifts occur in the backroom ? 
 So far, we have only played in Sweden but have had some shameful suggestions about gigs outside the borders but we hope and believe it will come on later. The places we have previously played have been smaller bars and festivals but we have been booked for larger festivals later on this year, the audience has been in varying numbers but very devoted. The babes have been in varied qualities and numbers to, but what happens in the backrooms stays in the backrooms. 
What’s the most memorable show you guys have played and where are you scheduled to hit the stage in the near future ?
The most memorable gig is probably our very first gig we did because the feedback and the rections became very surprisingly positive. The next gig officially booked now is in Stockholm in September but who knows, much can happen before that.
What do you feel is the best & worst part about playing in a band ?
The best part about playing in a band is to hang out with your friends and do what you like to do most  and to never grow up. The worst thing is that it’s so fucking many idiots trying to fuck you over all the time.
Finaly What are the future projects for Total Inferno ? It’s the final question, you can conclude the interview……
Right now we have just entered the studio to record the next album to be released later this year, after which we will play and promote us and the new record as a fucking virus. And finally, thank you for your interest in us and be prepared for the Swedish Inferno..
Interviewer : Med Manef Slama

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