Review Blasphemer : Blasphemer [Album] 2017


Blasphemer , formed in 1990 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire,, have put out a couple of demos plus one EP before. Now they also have gotten their debut album, titled ” Blasphemer ” . What you to get on Blasphemer’s 8 track offering is strongly riff-based, fine Death Thrash Metal with growled, full Death Metal vocals. This combination works really well with the band’s sound. The band plays really tightly as a coherent unit, having a plethora of ideas incorporated into their songs that should carry them far (provided they continue on their chosen musical path). There’s a slight amount of progressiveness as the old school Death era pushed through their sound, which makes things even a bit sweeter. But the main emphasis is heavily on the compelling barricade of Thrash riffs, blistering solo work, I like the heavy, visceral riffs and the aggressive guitar attack, and I like that the music is riff-oriented and not drum-centric like so much Old School Death Metal . Solid Death Metal  from a band with obvious potential.


Band: Blasphemer
Release : Blasphemer  
Year: 2017
Location: U.K
Genre: Death Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Mass Firth : Guitars Vocals
    Arno Cagna : Guitars Vocals
    Dale Brown : Bass
    Dan Mullins : Drums
  • 1. Death Note
    2. Immortality
    3. Sutcliffe
    4. March of the War Priests
    5. Blasphemer
    6. Cult of the Conquerors
    7. Wonderland of Cruelty
    8. Sarcastic Ideology 

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