Review Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf : Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf [Album] 2017


One look at the band name should tell you that Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf is a band heavily inspired by the old  school Doom School . The man behind the music is Tommy Stewart and he started the project to create his own doom . This self-titled debut  album is his first release under the French Label Soman Records .
This album going to blow you away with originality. The songs are energetic doom numbers with Heavy rhythms and vocals that sound heavily . Although there are alot of great moments and this is far from a professional release, the original songs are actually pretty catchy. he guitars are heavy, and there is a good tradeoff between the pummeling riffs and the more evocative sections, the production is pretty much .
This albulm is available as a digital release and on a Vinyl . Well, this is a good album, Production is perfect, artwork perfect, musicians perfect, veterans of the Doom Metal scene .

Band: Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf
Release : Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf 
Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A
Genre: Heavy / Doom Metal
Format : CD , Vinly , Digital
Label : Soman Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Tommy Stewart : Bass , Lead Vocals
Eric Vogt : Drums , Vocals

  • 01 . Lilith Crismon Deep
  • 02 . Behold ! Your Wrold Now Burns
  • 03 . Through A Dead Man’s Eye
  • 04 . Porpoise Song
  • 05 . Horrorshow
  • 06 . The Man Who Sold Rope To The Gnoles
  • 07 . Price Of Fools
  • 08 . With Darkened Eyes 

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