New Release : Dark Embrace – The Call Of The Wolves [SP]

Genre: Gothic / Doom Metal
Origin: A Coruña, Galicia               

Label: 7hard Records     

hese Dark Embrace are from the Galician A Coruna, a city in the Atlantic. with its catchment area comes to almost half a million inhabitants. From 2009 to 2015 they were dissolved, now singer Oscar has reformed them, put the guitar aside and trained two new ax singers. But more exciting is that he was able to win Swedish drum legend Snowy Shaw (ex-King Diamond and Mercful Fate, now on Denner / Sherman). “Doom / Gothic” stands as a category in metal archives, Melo Death with strong gothic tendencies meets it in view of the brisk pace not only from the opener ‘Memories’ also. Puff and clear vocals are reminiscent of the pathos of Fernando Ribeiro, the piano passages and keyboards are also based on very old Moonspell – the Portuguese border is also close enough to touch. Oscar’s brutal singing sometimes sounds surprisingly mangy given the melodic instrumentation. The thematic connection between the mystical title song “The Call Of The Wolves” and “Wolfheart” is not to be dismissed.

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