Review Nexus : The Taint [Album] 2017


The Taint is the debut full length album by industrial Goth rockers Nexus. Nexus was formed at the end of 2009 by vocalist/guitarist and main composer Vlad Voicu, bassist Tony Di Marzio and keyboardist Lorenzo Il Diverso Mastracci, the core line-up of the band, with support musicians Diego Aureli and Daniele Di Gasbarro recruited as live guitarist and drummer. The band started out playing various local shows with different drummers and eventually recorded and realeased Death of Art EP and playing various shows in the UK supporting the independent release. In 2016 Nexus start working on new album, produced by Agoge Records. True to its name, the album is a collection of songs lyrically themed around self-loathing, psychological disorders, a sense of displacement and toxic relationships representing the corruption and sickness of existence. The lyrics are carried through haunting but catchy melodies and instrumental hooks accompanied by detuned guitars and a groove-heavy rhythm section. Showcasing all the band’s main influences from gothic rock style introspective vocals, nu-metal inspired grooves infused with synthesizers all the way through to Tim Burton-esque atmospheric breaks, all delivered in a sleek 21st century take, the Taint is a short and sweet nine track crash course in modern dark rock. Most of you probably aren’t familiar with Nexus , a a great Electronic Gothic Metal band from Italy , ” The Taint” is their new album and let me now tell you why you should do yourself a favor and get to know Nexus  sooner rather than later. 
” The Taint” conveys an aura of dark and cold isolation, but it is also deeply emotional and poetic. Soft and gothic sections trade off seamlessly with abrasive,cutting electric guitar riffs. great vocal harmonies, the music express the beautifully written lyrics and it is a pity that we don’t get more of those, Almost every aspect of the music is carefully crafted and placed where it needs to be. Real nature sounds can be heard too  ” The Taint”  justifies its title by offering a Darkave Gothic Metal album , It is brimming with talent and passion .

Band: Nexus
Release : The Tiant
Year: 2017
Location: Italy
Genre: Gothic Metal, Industrial, Darkwave
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Agoge Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up

  • Vlad Voicu : Lead Vocals, Studio Guitars & Programming
    Tony Di Marzio : Bass & Backing Vocals 
    Il Diverso : Synth/ Keyboards & Programming
    Diego Aureli : Live Guitars
    Daniele Di Gasbarro : Live Drum


  • 01. Solitude
    02. Cancer
    03. Funeral Pyre
    04. Crimson Wine
    05. Stillborn
    06. N.B.N.
    07. Scrying Mirror
    08. Close Your Eyes
    09. To Silence Your Demons


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