Review The Sarcophagus : Beyond This World’s Illusion [Album] 2017

Hailing from Turkey , Black Metal nice piece The Sarcophagus release their second full length ” Beyond This World’s Illusion ” on a limited edition CD and Digital . Here we have a Nine tracks of old school Black Metal .Now, let’s move to the main part, the music itself. The Sarcophagus is an old band from Turkey  yes,  and this proves what I’ve been saying about how strong its underground scene is delivering high class and full of might Black Metal . They are  a really tight band that knows how to deliver aggressive and raw Black Metal coated with a great deal of  Metal elements. The vocals are harsh and brutal, they have a guttural hue and yet when the vocalist wants to highlight some more extreme parts of the music he even throws in some more high pitched sounds . The rhythm section is solid and heavy and the guitars show a range with other times focusing mainly on delivering aggressive and brutal riffs, while other times they add some melodies to enhance the variety. Interesting Black metal work that the fans of the genre should check out !

Band: The Sarcophagus
Release : Beyond This World’s Illusion 
Year: 2017
Location: Turkey 
Genre: Black Metal 
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Mørk :Vox
  • Burak : Guitars
  • Ozan : Bass
  • Oktay : Davul

  • 1. Reign of Chaos
  • 2. Ain Sof
  • 3. Dymadiel
  • 4. The Profanity Rites
  • 5. Sapremia of Earthly Creatures
  • 6. Triumphant Divine Terror
  • 7. Armoured Death
  • 8. Flaming Key to Divine Wisdom
  • 9. Apocalyptic Beast

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