Review Perpetual Rage : Empress Of The Cold Stars [Album] 2017

This is Heavy Metal from Norway , more in the pace of some Melodic Heavy Metal than the harsher expected end of their categorisation. I’ve actually found as the album has been spun a few times that this kind of echoes the career of Tarot . There are really gentle pieces like ” Mesmeric Silence ” that’s very soft and mixed with some gruff death vocals amongst the strong clear voice. Granted it gets heavier later in the track, more ambience than you think is possible. Although I personally like this style, I can’ deny it’s captivating and well written.  As we move further into the release,” Dragonlancer ” flows with the same qualities. Epic Muisc are added for effect. The cool clear vocal returns during “The Creation”  giving the track a slight Louder feel, then powering into Melodic Heavy Metal later in the tune, a tried and tested formula it would seem. For followers of this sub-genre, this will fair very well. There are some strong arrangements that captivate you, the more extreme parts of the tracks are kind of hit and miss. The real art is shown when it’s mixed together developing an ambience that sits well with a summers days sitting lazily in a meadow reflecting on life itself. A dreamy and great release overall with the ability to trigger many forms of human emotion .
Band:  Perpetual Rage 
Release : Empress Of The Cold Stars
Year : 2017
location : Norway
Genre : Heavy Metal
Format : CD 
Label : Inverse Records 
 Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Tomi Viiltola : Vocals.
    Ari Helin : Bass / Backing Vocals.
    Petri Hallikainen : Rhythm & Lead Guitar.
    Kari Hyvärinen : Drums.
  • 01. Dragonlancer
    02. The Empress
    03. Boundless
    04. The Creation
    05. Mesmeric Silence
    06. Evil
    07. Mark of Chaos
    08. Privilege
    09. Wildfire
    10. Silent Sky 

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