Review Battlegrave : To Hell With War [EP] 2017

Austarlia’s Battlegrave  play a beefy, Modern Thrash with near-Groove growls on their debut EP, ”  To Hell With War ” . Think late 80’s stuff like Sepultura and Pantera before all the core, groove and breakdown shit started creeping in. Most of the songs on ”  To Hell With War ” are just greats . Battlegrave aren’t bad and play with some energy and conviction. They even tried to this EP some individuality, the band fortunately tries to do something a little bit different music-wise than many of their other thrashers in crime. These Australains ‘ main emphasis musically is to play very riff-based Thrash, but the way they do it is pretty unique, unorthodox and exceptional sounding, which I always appreciate. The playing is precise and top-notch, which works well within the band’s very open-minded and sweetly experimental Thrash Metal. Early Metallica has obviously been a huge influence on these guys. There are a lot of aggressive and similar riffs used on ,  Battlegrave   remember that Thrash isn’t just about speed, it’s about fucking riffs, and they have a fistful of good ones here.

Band: Battlegrave
Release : To Hell With War  
Year: 2017
Location: Australia
Genre: Thrash / Groove Metal
Format : CD , Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Clint Patzel : All Strings
    Rohan Buntine : Vocals, Lyrics
  • 1. Decimation Draws Near…
  • 2. To Hell With War 
  • 3. Mortar Fire 
  • 4. It Never Ends For Him
  • 5. The Anzacs 
  • 6. We Will Remember Them 

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