Day: November 14, 2017

New Release : Toothgrinder – Phantom Amour [USA]

Genre: Progressive Groove Metal Origin: Asbury Park, New Jersey Label: Spinefarm Going to wrap this week with some Metal chameleons. Like their first album, Phantom Amour features the band tapping into Metalcore, hardcore, prog, post rock, and hard rock while grounded in a groove metal core. They’ve expanded in every direction on their second album. They’ve grown into a bigger, better band, and quickly too.  

New Release : Desolate Shrine – Deliverance From The Godless Void [FI]

Genre: Death / Black Metal Origin: Helsinki        Label: Dark Descent Records Helsinki death dealers Desolate Shrine are on their fourth album in six years, but the quality of their latest release, Deliverance from the Godless Void, shows no sign of being rushed. A combination of death, doom and even slight Black Metal influence, Deliverance offers both slow, suffocating passages and blast beat-driven stretches of powerful Death Metal.  Deliverance from the Godless Void […]

Visegard (Black Metal , Norway) Interview

Interview with Nasreten Hello to Acier Doux Metalzine Tunisia are you ready for an interview ? Which cools things happened in the camp of Visegard lately ? Cheers man ! Well.. We have been working on a splitrelease for a while now and things are finally coming to an end there, so if you ask me , thats pretty cool! We also finished the mixing for some live-videos, couple of […]

New Release : Entheos – Dark Future [USA]

Genre: Technical Death Metal Origin: United States Label: Spinefarm The second full album from the prog metal supergroup may just be their most adventurous yet. It makes sense since it is the first to feature Travis LeVrier (ex-Scale The Summit) on guitar, and while it retains the heaviness Entheos does so well, there are moments of joyous guitar meandering in the technical madness. Easily the best thing they’ve done.  

Review Ravage : Return Of The Spectral Rider [Album] 2017

Review American  Speedcrushers present their third full length. ” Return Of The Spectral Rider ” is a great , energetic record which follows all the traditions of the classic 80’s template. You have the mix of fast, frantic playing which has the chaotic ferocity of Judas Priest or Iron Miaden  and the energy and mosh friendly fun of early Speed Metal sounds along with chanted backing vocals etc. Musically Ravage  are […]

Review Deadrider : Reaper [Album] 2017

Review  The American band Deadrider , formed in 2016 , is with us with its debut  album ” Reaper ” , a great example of Heavy /Thrash / Speed Metalwell done. Deadrider has influences from some styles within the Heavy Metal genre, and we have to add modern elements from modern NWOTHM , and especially the Speed Metal, with aggressive and melodic parts. Other parts are pretty hard and heavy, with tempos […]

New Release : Amberian Dawn – Darkness Of Eternity [FI]

Genre: Neoclassical Power Metal Origin: Helsinki        Label: Napalm Records Finnish symphonic metallers Amberian Dawn released their eighth album, titled “Darkness Of Eternity”, on November 10 via Napalm Records. Commented Amberian Dawn keyboardist and mastermind Tuomas Seppälä: “‘Darkness Of Eternity’ is one of the most emotional Amberian Dawn albums so far. It’s got some really bombastic songs in mood of dark and symphonic melodic metal and in contrast to that also some really poppy songs too. Darkness […]