Review Deadrider : Reaper [Album] 2017


The American band Deadrider , formed in 2016 , is with us with its debut  album ” Reaper ” , a great example of Heavy /Thrash / Speed Metalwell done. Deadrider has influences from some styles within the Heavy Metal genre, and we have to add modern elements from modern NWOTHM , and especially the Speed Metal, with aggressive and melodic parts. Other parts are pretty hard and heavy, with tempos to non-stop headbanging, a band to consider, maybe they have not the name of its big brothers from Poland, but I am sure they will get its place. 
Musically they are great musicians.The vocals are aggressive, with a good tone for Speedy Metal sounds , and what to say about drumming, of course an intense playing in every track.
Well, I have to say that is a very good album, it sounds perfect for this genre, all sharp, good songs and good musicians. Listen to them, they worth.Production-wise, these guys had a sort of a raw sound to it. But it fit well with the music. I wouldn’t change any of what they did when they recorded this. My overall impression of the band is that they’re a fine act that needs more exposure. They need to be out there in the Metal community to show how unique they are. . They have a lot to offer the listener.

Band: Deadrider
Release : Reaper  
Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A
Genre: Heavy / Thrash / Speed Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • John Bustos : Vocals, Guitars
    Michael V. Visconti : Guitars
    Mike Losert : Bass
    Antonio Labbe : Drums
  • 1. Start a Fight
    2. Heavy Metal Deadride
    3. Intro (Hell Is Upon You)
    4. Souls and Bones
    5. Iron Angel
    6. Brainwashed
    7. Through the Trenches
    8. Rhetoric

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