Review Nightborn : Skyless [Album] 2017

First, let’s get the basic facts straight about the history of this band. Nightborn is a Thrash Metal one man band from Sweden  that was formed in 2012 , and since then have recorded one full-length album ” Skyless ”  which was released at June 2017.

 Nightborn  fortunately tries to do something a little bit different music wise than many of their other thrashers in crime. This one man band  main emphasis musically is to play very riff-based Thrash, but the way they do it is pretty unique, unorthodox and exceptional sounding, which I always appreciate. The playing is precise and top-notch, and  vocals and guitar doesn’t hesitate to stretch his vocal range whenever it’s needed. At times he sounds like a perfect guy to fill in an empty slot in some Heavy or Dark Metal band, which works well within the band’s very open-minded and sweetly Dark Thrash Metal. Early Thrash Metal era has obviously been a huge influence on this guy . There are a lot of aggressive and raw . Nearly 66 minutes of music is still a bit too much for a Thrash Metal album.  


Band: Nightborn 
Release :  Skyless
Year: 2017
Location: Sweden
Genre: Thrash Metal
Format : CD, Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Arda K : Vocals, Guitars, Drums
  • 1. Intro
    2. The Hellbound
    3. Severance
    4. Unmarked Burial
    5. Hemorrhage of the Soul
    6. The Sorrow Room
    7. Bloodgrown Darkness
    8. Visitation
    9. Withdrawal of the Senses
    10. Midnight Theory
    11. Ataxia 

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