Review Time Shadow : A World Beyond [Album] 2017


” A World Beyond ” is the debut album from Ukrania’s  Time Shadow and it’s pretty much a continuation of their last effort , 2016’s  ” A New Day “”. Keyboard-free, crunchy Power Metal that doesn’t mash its foot on the gas all the time is the name of the game. The songs are full of rollicking riffs and gruff vocals but, as with the last EP , Time Shadow comes up with a truly memorable chorus that brings this song together in a satisfying way. Other than that, you’ve heard it all before from the likes of Armored Saint and Vicious Rumors.You get clear production, good performances, and proggy songwriting to create a glossy, well-crafted experience that is still somewhat less than what they used to play. This is nowhere near as catchy and distinct .Overall, this is a solid effort.Highly anticipated first full length from a band that knows their drill really well, and guess what. All our expectations were met and more. Job well done boys.


Band: Time Shadow
Release : A World Beyond
Year: 2017
Location: Ukraine
Genre: Power Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Andrew “Dragon Rider” Melnik : Guitars. Bass
  • Vladyslav Titarenko : Keyboards, Back vocals
  • Artem “Shadow Lord” Soleyko : Vocals
  • 1. Reign Of Metal
    2. Attack
    3. Lord Of The Dreams
    4. Shadow
    5. Ashes
    6. A new Day
    7. Immortal Warrior
    8. Fly Higher 
  • 9. Ascending 

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