Review Paladine : Finding Solace [Album] 2017


Finding Solace is the debut album from Greece’s Paladine and it’s pretty much crunchy Power Metal that doesn’t mash its foot on the gas all the time is the name of the game. The songs are full of rollicking riffs and gruff vocals ,You get clear production, good performances, and proggy songwriting to create a glossy, well-crafted experience , swift melodies, virtuous but objective guitar lines and catchy hooks , on an album that is satisfying and, despite trying to be epic almost on a cartoonish level, is easy to digest. Heavy Metal purists will have some sort of resistance to the band’s modern way of playing, but if you look at it closely you’ll see that this album is nothing more than Power Metal played with a twist.Well, I have to say that is a very good album, it sounds perfect for this genre, all sharp, good songs and good musicians. Listen to them, they worth.


Band: Paladine
Release : Finding Solace

Year: 2017
Location: Greece
Genre: Power Metal

Format : Mini CD , Digital
Label : No Remorse Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Nick “The Metalizer” Protonotarios : Vocals & Lead guitars
  • Kostas Smonos : Fhythm Guitars
    Chris “Crazy” Stergianidis : Bass Guitar
    Marilena Plitsi : Keyboards & Backing vocals
    Nick Samios : session Drums
  • 1. Dragonrider 
    2. Master of Present and Past 
    3. The Inn of the Last Home 
    4. Knight of the Black Rose 
    5. Paladine 
    6. Finding Solace 
    7. Midnight Sky 
    8. The Metalizer 

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