Review Opus Diaboli : Black Light Of Destruction [Album] 2017


Uruguay maniacs Opus Diaboli return after some 10 years with ” Black Light Of Destruction ” , determined to kick your ass  and that, they do. Raw, chaotic, evil Black Metal rapes your speakers for nearly 50 mins  – just the perfect length for such a devastating onslaught. Unintelligible, visceral rasps take center stage like a fucking demon haunting your mind, while the drums blast away incessantly no incessant blast beat crap, just some thunderous hammering of the skins.Mid to fast-paced, ” Black Light Of Destruction ” varies from haunting and menacing, kind of suspenseful, all the way to a blackened speedfest that destroys everything in its path. No fancy guitar work, though the delivery at slower speed is pretty damn effective in creating a bone-chilling atmosphere. Throw in some good old school, basic and savage riffage, the kind of stuff you expect from Opus Diaboli and you’ve got a party. The decent production doesn’t deter the raw nature of the material here; it simply ensures that your ears are meticulously assaulted by this sonic assault. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from these guys.

Band: Opus Diaboli
Release : Black Light Of Destruction

Year: 2017
Location: Uruguay

Genre: Black Metal
Format :  CD, Digital
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Lord Wold Alexander : Guitars, Vocals 
  • Nidhogg : Bass
  • Lord Mork: Drums
  • Allfodr : Guitars
  • 01. Ilmarinen
    02. Glory In Steel
    03. Luciferian Black Light
    04. Red Battlefield
    05. In Flames
    06. Better To Be A Mortal Than A Crucified Whore
    07. Rivers Of Blood
    08. Hymn Of Ragnarok

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