Review New Disorder : Decepetion [Album] 2017


New Disorder was born in 2009 from Rome Italy. Made up of 5 members. There music and this album is a outstanding mix of Metal and alternative melodies with powerful and fast drumming with heavy guitar riffs. Vocals are a mix of Power Metal with a alternative melodies with a twist of screams and growls make up a very solid unique sound. This album I must say is a very solid album with a fresh unique sound.

Band: New Disorder
Release : Deception
Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A
Genre: Alternative Metal / Metalcore
Format : CD
Label : Agoge Records 
Reviewer : James Blake

Line Up
Francesco Lattes : Vocals
Tommaso Eusepi : Guitar
Andrea Augeri : Guitar
Ivano Adamo : Bass/Vocals
Luca Mancini : Drums

Love Kills Anyway
Straight To The Pain
Curtain Call
Never Too Late To Die
(What’s Your Aim?) Call It Insanity
Judgement Day
The Beholder
Lost In London
A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams)

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