Review Accelerator : Anthropophagy Outbreak [Album] 2017

New York  based Thrash Metal quintet Accelerator, performed with slight Death Metal overtones, but only in the vocals. Musically, Accelerator’s Thrash follows a similar approach to Testament’s, Slayer’s, Demolition Hammer’s, Malevolent Creation’s, Exhorder’s and I would also add Canadian Thrash Metal pioneers Infernäl Mäjesty, especially vocal-wise. Accelerator’s Thrash Metal flows pretty nicely, with tons of heavy killer and catchy riffage going on all around, not to mention the fat bass sound that takes over the songs from time to time. Accelerator know what it takes to create a great, aggressive Thrash bombardment, annihilating pretty much everything on their ominous path. “Despondency ” is probably their strongest tour-de-force on this album, supported by some absolutely powerful vocal work by the whole gang. Also, the absolutely vicious sounding, yet Slayer-ish “Nuclear Beerfare ” will peel your socks off, quick. These fellows do seriously kick ass! If I lied about their sheer kickassery, then I’d deserve to get a hard slap straight in my face. Also, I must mention that I am glad that I did some browsing on the Internet one gray and rainy day just to find Accelerator, who absolutely deserve to become a better known act .


Band: Accelerator 
Release : Anthropophagy Outbreak

Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A
Genre: Thrash / Death Metal

Format :  Digital
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Vocals :  Joe Murray
    Lead Guitar / Vocals : Tim Como
    Bass Guitar : Scott Finn
    Drums :  Weston Mahalic
  • 01. Despondency 
    02. Anthropophagy Outbreak 
    03. Sexaholic 
    04. Deadlocked 
    05. Nuclear Beerfare 
    06. Sinister 
    07. When The World Turns Black 
    08. Killing Machine 
    09. Black March 
    10. Insomniac 
    11. Pale Rider 
    12. Hexed Mass 

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