Review Amentia : Scourge [Album] 2017

Old School Technical Death Metal to the bone. You should not read any further and just purchase Belarussian Death Metal act ” Scourge ” album , which they originally released CD format with only seven tracks. ” Scourge ” was reissued and released in 2017 by Russian Satanath Records , which kind of always make me pretty darn skeptical. the album is precise and tight in its riffing, the constant barrage and momentum takes you to the starry scene of the old metallic area and high fives you on the way though the time changes. the music does pretty much kickass adds a slight brutal and Technical to the mould, a cool take on a mixture of offences. The act is another great Death Metal band with very fast guitar bits. They have a cool vibe to them, rather catchy. You wouldn’t believe vocals sound very much like the machinewar sounds . Deep throat. The riffs are catchy, a lot of downpicking and drums with clinging double bass kicks. Their music seems pretty original to me. Check out songs like ” Kill Me “and ” Noble Death “, though I like all of their songs. Very catchy music. An atmospheric phase of blasphemy amongst your eardrums. But again, they’re not overtly fast though they have small segments of double kick frenzies. The vocals match the music perfectly and the music matches the vocals. Production-wise, these guys had a sort of a raw sound to it. But it fit well with the music. I wouldn’t change any of what they did when they recorded this.
My overall impression of the band is that they’re a fine act that needs more exposure. They need to be out there in the metal community to show how unique they are. They’re not just your typical Death Metal band. They have a lot to offer the listener.


Band: Amentia 
Release : Scourge

Year: 2017
Location: Belarus
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Format : CD , Digital , Jewel Box
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Alex Goron : Bass
  • Artyom Serdyuk : Guitars
  • Dmitry Zubov : Esophagus
  • Valery Zubenko : Scream
  • 01. Kill Me 
    02. I Don’t Believe 
    03. Anorexia 
    04. Slow Decay 
    05. Noble Death 
    06. Sentence Executioner 
    07. Paranoia 


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