Review Enragement : Burned , Barren , Bloodstained [Album] 2017


This , by far is the best Enragement  release that I’ve heard !! The production isn’t raw, it’s well mixed, the vocals are better not so annoying, and the music is fresh. Totally awesome Death Metal release by this band. The music was what made it stand apart from the rest of their releases. These guys are a 4 piece band and I think their guitarists totally rip on leads. The energy is all there and pretty original sounding riffs. Everything fit well together. The only complaint that I have is that it wasn’t a longer album. But I guess 50 minutes of these guys’ music is enough. 

Tempo changes are there, it isn’t fast paced all the way through. The music matches the vocals quite well. But yeah, by far this is the most solid Enragement album I’ve heard. It took them four years to write, though it was well worth it. I’d say that the music was the strongest out of everything on here. The guitars were my main interest and the production. They don’t fail in any way. I think that I can tolerate the vocals at this point. But still they could be a better band if they had a different vocalist. Solos are wicked totally, shred city by both guitarists. They really amassed ways through that fretboard. Takes me back to a time where I used to play the guitar, I never did get that good. 

Buy this album get the full effect of the CD played on your boom box, car, or computer !! Keep the music industry from going completely digital !!


Band: Enragement  
Release : Burned , Barren , Bloodstained 

Year: 2017
Location: Finland 
Genre: Death Metal

Format : CD , Digital
Label : Inverse Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Drums : Lasse Sannikka
    Guitar & Vocals : Tuomas Iivanainen
    Guitar & Vocals : Atte Ojanne
    Bass & Vocals : Jarkko Niemi
01. River of Corpses
02. Dead Flesh Treasury
03. Raining Bodyparts
04. Mass of a Thousand Suns
05. Divine Catatonia
06. Ashen Unity
07. As the Acid Burns
08. To Become Earth
09. Blood for the Sun God
10. Armed Redeemer
11. Smite the Impure

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