Review Funeral Tears : Beyond The Horizon [Album] 2017


Russian’s Funeral Tears have returned with the third full length entitled “ Beyond The Horizon ”. This release sees Nikolay Seredov  continuing right where he done his debut album, and that would be the total great Funeral Doom Metal  genre. 2014’s “ The World We lost ” was an absolute monster, which would leave this album to be an all-out beast ! This album includes everything that you could ever want in a Funeral Doom Metal album and then some. Whether you have been a Metal head the majority of your life or are looking to broaden your metallic experiences, this release would be one that is highly recommended on musicianship alone.
The riffs are wicked and slightly dommy with a bombastic aura of the old school. Vibes and elements of Doom  metal combined with a slight Death edge is what you will find here. Now, add to it the basic blueprints on Doom Metal and you have the idea of where the band is going with this release. The  bass of the drums sound really good, yet the toms sound a little thin but the drummer is as good as any I have heard playing this type of Metal. The tempo changes are handled very well monstrous and the rhythms are phenomenals . As for the bass guitar, I really can’t hear it that well, but I’m not sure that it really matters as the drums and guitars are so dominating that the bass lines are reduced to mere undertones. Still, though, it would have been nice to hear more of the bass on this release. Now, that bass is there, but it’s only there in such a veiled and vague way. The vocals sounds are absolutely sick! I really enjoyed this release. I consider it a great follow-up to the mighty “ The World We lost ”. It even surpasses it in some aspects. Funeral Tears bring forth some of the most beautifully crafted, yet pummeling, punishing metal with this release. If that wasn’t enough, the one man band did a killer job in the layout and packaging department. This is an independent release but it’s done so well, you’d swear it wasn’t.

Band:  Funeral Tears 
Release : Beyond The Horizon 
Year: 2017
Location: Russia  
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
  • Nikolay Seredov :  All Instruments , Vocals 

  • 01. Close My Eyes
  • 02. Breathe
    03. Dehiscing Emptiness
    04. I Suffocate
    05. Beyond The Horizon
    Eternal Tranquility

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