Review Narthraal : Screaming From The Grave [Album] 2017


“Screaming From The Grave ” is Narthraal ‘s debut full-length outing, and  these Icelander Death Metal heroes know how to play heavy , crushing and ear-slaughtering shit. They have an ear for some nice solo work, which is a definite plus. The core sound of  Narthraal hits all the criteria in the basic syllabus of Death Metal; everything is in the right place. Their great and convincing vocalist Viktor Peñalver manages to churn out some maggots and other mollusks from out of the back of his throat, though at times ,The mixing quality is quite up there , I am impressed with the music and I like the Bass sounds. The lyrics were well written too . The band is really a riff machine gun that takes you by force from the first moment.  Narthraal have a good sense of melody that is put in use in order to give variety and make their songs catchy and noticeable. Besides that the leads and solos also give character to the release because of their technical level and also because they are used in a substantial way and not to show off. I really like this album and unless you hear it yourself, you’ll never experience the ultra awesome guitars and vocals. The drums are solid on here too. 

Band:  Narthraal 
Release : Screaming From The Grave 
Year: 2017
Location: Iceland 
Genre: Death Metal 
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Inverse  Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


Line Up
Viktor Peñalver : Vocals / Bass
Birkir Kárason : Guitar
Jónas Haux : Drums
Tony Aguilar : Guitar



  • Death of the Undying
  • Screaming from the Grave
  • Million Gravesto Fill
  • Worldwide Destruction
  • Envy
  • Descent into Darkness
  • Blood Path
  • Symbols of Hate
  • Feed the Pig
  • Dismember the Entombed

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