Review Forming The Void : Relic [Album] 2017

There is a surge of extreme bands today that incorporate noise elements in their song structures, attempting to push the boundaries of what is sonically tolerable. Heavy sludge band Forming The Void  have produced such excellent specimens. However, it is Forming The Void  from Louisian that are taking these efforts to a whole other level. Following the release of their 2015 debut record, ” Skyward ”  , the band is now releasing its successor, ” Relic ” .
Raised within the great Louisiana tradition of experimental acts, Forming The Void have found valuable help in prominent figures of the scene,  What makes Forming The Void’s sound that fierce is their incorporation of noise through the Heavy  Metal and Stoner  of their music. , Forming The Void produce a very organic result by treating the noise sources , rather than an extra layer of sound. The noise machines are used as if they were guitars, parts of the rhythm section or vocal lines, enhancing their brutality, playing a central role rather than an accompanying part.

Band:  Forming The Void
Release : Relic
Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A 
Genre: Progressive Sludge / Stoner Metal 
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Inverse  Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up
James Marshall : Guitar / Vocals 
Shadi Omar Al-Khansa : Guitar 
Luke Baker : Bass 
Thomas Colley : Drums

1.After Earth
2.The Endless Road
5.The Witch
7.Unto the Smoke 

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