Review Suicide Brain : We Have Arrived [EP] 2017

The EP might seem like random, noisy chaos. But every single track by Suicide Brain is hot , calculated and precise. The riffs and the transitions in tempo are handled with a technical flair and every single note sounds planned. This is what makes the unpredictability of the band so addictive. It is planned meticulously to fuck with the listener’s mind and is not a by product of loud, noisy playing, as is the case with many other bands. Each track stands completely unique and there seems to be no discernible pattern or structure in place.  There is no semblance of melody or even hope, to be found on this record. Everything is drenched in dissonance and combined with the unhinged flow of the tracks, it is absolute perfection. The music possess a manic quality that is addictive and repeated listens to this record, is not just mandatory, but inevitable. Suicide Brain makes sure that you’re hooked. I’m guessing for long time fans of Suicide Brain will come as a welcome surprise, something like a “where have they been” surprise. Overall, the EP is a strong debut for the band, a real showcase of Thrash Metal. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait so long for the debut  album.


Band: Suicide Brain 
Release : We Have Arrived  
Year: 2017
Location: Venezuela 
Genre: Thrash Metal 
Format : Digital 
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


Line Up
Salv Roa : Vocal & Guitar
Leo Prato : Drums & Choirs
Dan Mendoza : Bass & Choirs


01 – W.H.A 
02 – Living Disaster 
03 – Rotten Reality 
04 – Overload 


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