Review Lava Invocator : Mörk [Album] 2017


Hailing from Ukraine “Mörk” is the debut full-length release of Lava Invocator. Musically on the whole Cumbeast sounds a lotold school Black Metal sounds in the ” Empyrium Et Nihil ” and ” Gestapofallos ” . And although there are some nice riffs here and there, the production is clear and the guys are rhythmically tight, on the whole it just doesn’t cut through. The tempo’s in the blastbeats are quite often just a tad too slow and just lacking conviction and aggression. The drumfills are simple and perfectly done. The admiration for the band’s life duration is most definitely impressive. So is this CD enjoyable, well yes, but only at a party when serving as background music where everyone is talking and not actually listening to the music, the moment you do the fun is over…


Band: Lava Invocator
Release : Mörk Album
Year: 2017
Location: Ukraine 
Genre: Black Metal 
Format : CD 
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up
Ingvaar : Guitar , Vocal
Silent : Bass
Yggr : Drums

01. Awaken
02. Empyrium Et Nihil
03. Gestapofallos
04. Black Dawn
05. Dark Thunder Sky
06. Totenkampf
07. Mörk

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