Review Nagaarum : Homo Maleficus [Album] 2017

Hungary’s Nagaarum have returned with his new full-length entitled “Homo Maleficus”. This is a Ambient Black Doom Metal One band. In this time he have honed his craft to become an undisputable Ambient Black Doom Metal  wrecking machine. This is the type of release that has the potential to become legendary. Today  Nagaarum need to sit up and take notes from this One band on how Metal is supposed to be played. When it comes to the guitar work here, the riffs are quite and scathing with Doom influences, but still having strong roots in the style of Black  Metal. The sound is just absolutely punishing and unrelenting, and it is sure to slowly and gloriously infect your auditory senses. Be ready for some of the best riffage of 2017 as far as Ambient Metal goes. The drums are definitely performed with a passion for things old school with no obvious triggering. All you have here is straight forward, menacing pounding that gives you an idea of what the pulse and very heartbeat of this genre sounds like. The bass level is at a nice volume and underlines the riffs nicely, almost melding with them in Metallic ecstasy. When you can hear and feel the bass, you know you have the mix right. Too many bands and producers drown out this aspect of the music and totally miss out something that can add so much volume to their efforts. There is a great pattern and style where the vocals are concerned. The range is minimal but there are a few wicked screams. 


Band: Nagaarum
Release : Homo Maleficus Album
Year: 2017
Location: Hungary 
Genre: Black / Doom Metal , Post Rock 
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Satanath Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Nagaarum : All instruments, Vocals

01. A befalazott
02. Az elvhű
03. Vassal nevelt
04. Cipelők
05. Mens dominium
06. Dolgunk végeztével
07. Kolontár

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