Mythos (Groove Metal , Egypt) Interview

Interview with Ahmed Hassan 

What was the idea of your EP and why did you choose this title ?

The idea was so simple about our EP , it’s related to our lives with the changes that happened to us and to the country with politics, social life and to the cultural things, these changes made us full of anger and furious as we didn’t accept it and we made a revolution regarding to that, we released our rage to make huge changes to shape our lives correctly, because of that we called the EP (Eternal Rage) to represent what we are feeling about what happened from the beginning of the revolution until now. 

What was the feedback you received ?

So far we are amazed about the feedback for the album, got a very good review, people loved the chemistry of the instruments, the riffs that filled with the passion of our love to the music, we’ve got a great feedback, and of course we will do our best in the next projects and we will improve ourselves to give another excellent feedback.

Tell us more details about the cooperation between SAQAR and Mythos ? 

As the recording sessions, mixing and mastering of the EP was made in Khalid El Sisi Home Studio, khalid el sisi is the founder of SAQAR, he’s our friends beside our musical differences, he participated in recording the EP in his studio, and for you there’s a plan to make something special ! But we will reveal everything in time. Just be patient ! 

Many fans noticed the cooperation and strong relations between Mythos and Infernum Expectat?

So is there any chance to performing live together as you shared the stage in Metal Grinders last year? Of course we hope so, we hope to perform one more time together as we did in Metal Grinders, they’re a great talented musicians with their greatest influences, they had a big future to dig their name on the walls of the Metal scene in Egypt, sure we want to make another concert together, and we hope so !

What are the problems of live concerts in Egypt in general and Alexandria in particular?

Overall we are facing always the sound system issues, whether in Cairo or Alex, the organizing is so hard, as you have only one place to make metal concerts in Cairo, Alex is harder as you don’t have any place to make a huge concert, the situation here in Egypt is hard, whether the place, the costs to prepare a great concert without any issues like we’ve faced before. I hope that we can solve all these issues and try to make a Metal Scene that can be heard outside Egypt.

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