Review Lucifer’s Dungeon : The Dark Army Raises [Album] 2017

Galloping Black Metal, Dark influences, blastbeats anyone ,  Satanath Records  has an interesting release for fans of raging, uptempo Ambient Black Metal with a mix of elements, namely a self- titled album release by a russian band called Lucifer’s Dungeon . Always headbang-friendly, never boring, rampaging like a rhinoceros on steroids, Lucifer’s Dungeon’ self-titled release is a fun listen for Acier Doux Nation maniacs who want something to headbang to. It’s penultimate Black Metal with strong hints of Dark Metal . Caffeine junkies know what this rush feels like. All tracks rule, and all do a fair amount of thrashing and blasting. The tremolo-riffs are neatly packaged with downpicks and uppicks. Not quite prototype blackened dark, perhaps more ambient Black Metal in their sound, Lucifer’s Dungeon all-out rock on their self-titled release. This sounds like Blackened Thrash on a mission to enter ear canals like you have an ear infection as the result of a Metal addiction, so let’s get this party started! As I said above this is a release that should definitely be expected by a more good band and this is impressive. It also captures the passion of a band making its first steps and above all includes compositions that will make you listen to them again and again. I think that Lucifer’s Dungeon introduce themselves in the global Black Metal scene in the best possible way. Now it’s up to you to check them out.


Band: Lucifer’s Dungeon
Release : The Dark Army Raises Album
Year: 2017
Location: Russia  
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Format : Digital
Label : Satanath Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Cain Black : Lyrics, music, guitars, bass, vocal
Gromm : Drums
Iscariot : Solo guitar (live)
Goth Ghost : Bass (live)
KoNo : Vocal in “My Eyes” ( Metal version )
01. Dungeon (Intro)
02. Unconcious Faith
03. The Dark Army Raises
04. War
05. The Last Day Of Life
06. Burn Your Dogma
07. III Lifes Of Dark Angel
08. My Eyes
09. Destruction
10. Darkness
11. The Forest
12. The Secret
13. The Answer
14. Beyond Good And Evil
15. Outro

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